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Food Program

The Pet Pantry does not give our food directly to individuals.  To receive pet food, you will need to sign up to be a client with one of the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana’s network of food pantries. To receive human and pet food, the food pantry will require a picture ID and proof of income.  Acceptable forms of proof of income are food stamp budget sheet, wage stub, or social security paperwork, etc. Please contact your food pantry for their specific requirements. If you are not familiar with a food pantry in your area, please call the Food Bank of NWLA  at 318-675-2400. (You may also click the link below and be taken directly to their website.)  If your food pantry does not distribute pet food, please ask the director to contact our office to request food.  


We repackage our food into gallon freezer bags that hold approximately four(4)lbs. of dog or cat food.  These individual bags are distributed to local food pantries monthly upon their request.  This food is intended to assist you through temporary financial difficulties. It is not intended to be your primary source of pet food. 

We cannot guarantee any brand or type of pet food.  Some of our food is donated, and it comes from many places in many brands.  We do not supply special diet foods or prescription foods. 


T​he mission of the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana is to serve as the primary resource for fighting hunger in Northwest Louisiana.  Our vision is to ultimately end hunger in Northwest Louisiana by ensuring consolidated network of effective food collection and distribution which will provide universal access to food for the needy in our communities.

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